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Of all the best street food restaurants in Kolkata, Jhalmuri is one of the most perfect snacks to enjoy while exploring the streets. It is served mainly with bread, luchi and chapati and is the ideal toothsome snack for breakfast. Seema Gupta has taken this to a new level with her Tiffin service, with its delicious and tasty jalapenos, chutneys and churros.

If you are a hardcore chicken lover, a plate of mutton (chicken skewers) is a must-try in Calcutta. Made with juicy mutton, finely spiced rice and potatoes, cooked with rich spices. Served with a side of sweet and savoury chutneys, it is a must - if you are in town. Served with steamed rice and vegetables, this is an exceptionally lip-service cuisine. It is a flavour that can be enjoyed alone or as part of a meal in one of the best restaurants in the city.

You can simply visit the official catering website of RailRestro to order your food and it will be delivered to your place. Make sure you order the food before you reach Howrah Junction Station and bring it on time and directly to your seats. You can call us within one hour of arrival at the station and we will provide you with the food.

Choose your favorite cuisine and your favorite foods from the shopping cart and order them by choosing the payment method. To order food during the train journey, you must enter your PNR number and the proposed restaurant will appear on your mobile screen.

The gastronomic offerings in Howrah will always surprise you, with some questions that pop up in your mind and tasty treats to try. There are a number of traditional dishes that you must try and enjoy, such as rice, dal, chutney, biryani, pulao and many more. These are the staple food of the people and can certainly be added to your traditional Bengali restaurants at home. Learn what is the most popular and the most important dish - try traditional dishes in the town of Howrai and what some of their specialties are.

Self-cooked vegetarian food is also offered and is easy on the stomach and purse. Kolkata also has some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country, such as the Indian Bistro, Indian Café and Indian Bakery. Indian cuisine, with a variety of tasty and authentic dishes that are tasty, authentic and affordable.

Look for puffed rice muri, peanut, coriander and other spices are mixed to make an appetizing and quick bite. With potatoes in a thick tomato sauce, this delicious curry is the safest food in Calcutta to try in the city. It is made mostly of flaky paratha flour, which is rolled with the filling you choose and refined with an irresistible sauce of spices and vegetables.

Kolkata is particularly known for its delicious street food, and there are many restaurants that explore the attractive sights and serve the traditional taste of West Bengal. From traditional Bengali delicacies to other flavors, there is much to discover in Calcutta. There is one thing in the world that connects all the above-mentioned roads - the various foods: tea, or as the Bengals call it, "tea." Its famous sweets, coupled with the unique lifestyle of its inhabitants, make it a place to learn about the art and culture of Bengal and a great place to learn about its history.

Be part of one of the most popular food festivals in the world, the Calcutta International Food Festival.

In Calcutta there is a huge variety of street food, which spoils hundreds of people who are out on the streets to get delicious street food. There are restaurants serving Indian cuisine and vendors selling delicious street food in the city. Peter Cat Koshe Kosha in Calcutta is one of the best places to enjoy good Bengali food outside of K Bengaluru. From Paneer to Bhindi ki Sabji, from Kabaddi to Biryani, it is all about healthy nutrition.

The most frequented districts of Kalkata are North, East, West, South, North - East and West Bengal. North K Bengaluru: Although technically separate from K Bengali, Howrah, the urban part of Hooghly, is also a city of life, thriving on history and culture. While East K Trinamool, which includes parts of North and South Bengal and the city itself, is made up of older parts of the city, the total is only about 20 percent.

Visitors to the city can enjoy Park Street with its magnificent views of the old town and its many monuments and sites.

Garam is cooked with bay leaf, ginger and garlic paste, which are used as additional spices and curd. The sauce or curry is usually made in spices and vegetables that differ from those in northern India. A Bengali meat meal flavoured with spices such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, garlic, salt, onions, red chilli peppers and ginger. Fresh seafood, fried or fried fish, fresh seafood prepared in Bengal style and everything available in Howrah. You can customize your thali to your liking, with different meats, vegetables, curds, spices and even spices of your choice.

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