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Newcomers and visitors to the cheap markets of Calcutta should be aware of certain things that most locals would certainly know. Pay attention to the above tips when shopping at the cheapest markets in K Bengalata. Want to buy the ubiquitous boho items that travelers wear or hang out in the trendy shops of the city's most popular tourist destinations?

If you like shopping but get by on a small budget, Calcutta will not leave you empty handed - with hands.

The best bargains are at the local markets and you can get anywhere in the state, but the place known as Hatibagan Market is one of the cheapest markets mentioned above, and also the most popular.

This is a country where stone is scarcely to be found, and therefore the ancient temples are also decorated with terracotta tablets. It is the birthplace of Shakti, the mighty goddess of Hindu mythology, where she is worshipped and people believe in good and evil.

The thread used for weaving is silk, and it is traditionally used in bright colours, hence it is called baluchari. The pattern that the weavers of Bankura saw on the temple walls along the border with Pallu was woven by them from raw silk. If it were gold, it would be called Swarnachari, and if it were silk, it would have been used, but because of the patterns they saw in the walls and edges of the temples, they used it.

If a fixed price tag is given, you can demand that you get something at that price, especially for clothing, and if the seller says 500 inr, say, 200 inR. At Rs 250 you can forget about it if luck permits, but if he says Rs 500, you have to pay for it.

There is no rule, however, that you cannot buy for the woman in your life, but there are other uses for whether it looks beautiful or adds beauty to your home. I think it's a great souvenir as it's small and reasonably priced and is the perfect gift for the girl's life. Again, it carries the state's ground, so be careful what you carry with you, small or large.

If you are a first time traveller to this city of joy, it is important to know what things to buy in Calcutta and what to take with you. It's a short shopping trip, so Your heart will not allow you to return to explore the whole place. But you'd like to take a few things from the city where the art form was born. However, as the market is divided into different areas, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate without a guide, and this will not be your shortest shopping trip.

If you have a penchant for something a little unconventional, this mall is littered with kiosks selling everything from jewelry and accessories to clothing, shoes, accessories and even food. Here you can buy everyday items and durable items and follow the latest fashion trends in a cool ambience. The market spans a vast area and the endless queues in the shops offer a variety of items, so you can satisfy all your gastronomic needs without having to bother commuting from one place to another on crowded streets. Here you can buy bangles, see the latest trends and satisfy your gastronomic needs without having to bother commuting from one of the places.

After a full day of shopping, you can look forward to the many treats that await you in the region's largest food court.

These magically sweet curds are baked in something that only a sweet-toothed Bengali could invent: a thick, creamy curd.

The Kalighat paintings originate from the vicinity of the famous Kali Temple in Calcutta and therefore have their name. The themes in them are said to be related to Kali and other Indian deities, including scenes from epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. You may have seen the face of the goddess Durga carved in solapith, or you may have seen it in white material. One of the best places to buy books in Kolkata and you can relax and unwind there too.

It gets particularly colourful on the market when special stands with diyas (lanterns) are set up. Street vendors sell cheap jewelry and eye-catchers - striking bags in front of the market. The presence of a large number of street vendors in the area, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants, make for a lively bustle during this time.

When visiting College Street, don't forget to visit the historic coffee house, located in the heart of College Street near its square. Krishna can be seen preaching a sermon to Arjuna during the Mahabharata war, Radha playing with her Sakhis on a swing and many other memorable moments. On the drive through the hills of Darjeeling you cannot miss the tea gardens and the rolling hills. A visit to the Tea Garden, India's largest tea garden, will awaken you in awe.

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