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Today, the Indian Railways took an important step towards reducing travel time between Delhi and Howrah, the two largest cities in the State of West Bengal. The measure is designed to speed up trains and achieve the goal of reducing journey times between Delhi and Howrah by about 12 hours from the existing 17 to 19 hours. It covers a 450 km route under the jurisdiction of IndianRailways, which is maintained and operated by the National High Speed Rail Corporation of India (NHRC), a subsidiary of the Indian Railway Corporation (IRC). It is connected by a series of bridges with the cities of Calcutta and Whatrah and is located about 1,500 km from Delhi to Howrai, a city of 1.5 million inhabitants.

The bridge is called Rabindra Setu and is often considered one of the most important national landmarks in India. Job Charnock is widely known as the founder of Calcutta (Sutanuti Govindapur or Cal Cutta) and was responsible for the construction of a number of important buildings in the city as well as the infrastructure. This claim is disputed by a number of Indian historians, who argue that Calcutta occupies the position of the "oldest" Indian city, based on the ancient Kali Temple of Kalighat.

The history of Calcutta is closely linked to that of the British East India Company, which first arrived in 1690 and became the capital in 1772. Since its origins in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, it has developed into one of the most important trade and cultural centres in India.

The Grand Chord is one of the most famous bridges in the world and the first bridge in India, the Howrah Bridge. The first train to cross the bridge was called the Jagmal Raja Howra Express by the British to honour the achievement of Rai Bahadur Jag Mala. In the late 19th century, the Howrah was expanded and connected Calcutta with Calcutta and other parts of West Bengal and the rest of India. I was at a number of places in K Bengaluru, but the one I ate at the few times was on AJC Bose Street.

For travelers, the most relevant part of Kolkata is the ferry (s) that can take you to the Ghatt (Fairlie), where you can walk, take a flatbed cycle or rickshaw, or arrange a ferry ride from the Howrah Ferry Terminal across the Grand Chord and look directly into the Howrah. On the Bangladesh side, at least half way, you expect a hopeful rickshaw wallah and the flat beds of a bicycle and / or rickshaw.

It is possible to reach this point by land route through Sylhet, although bus services to Shillong (Meghalaya) are planned, but may not be available at present. In Bangladesh it is faster, but be aware that a visa is required and you do not need to travel to Ghatt (Fairlie) or Howrah Ferry Terminal (or any other ferry terminal).

To ensure that you find the best flights from Toronto to India that suit your needs, we have an agent who can help you find flights to Dhaka, Sylhet, Calcutta, Chittagong and other major cities in Bangladesh. Make life difficult for yourself with the number of flights available to your destination and the availability of flights in your desired country.

The Indian Museum is housed in a beautiful 18th century building and reminds of the British Raj in India. Apart from that, there are Heritage Tram Tours, run by West Bengal's Ministry of Tourism, which are a great way to understand the city's past. There are many places to spend some time in Calcutta, such as Chittagong, Dhaka, Sylhet and other major cities in Bangladesh.

Here are some of the best places in Calcutta that are an integral part of tourism. One of them, which you can simply hand over if you are interested in history, is the Indian Museum, the oldest museum in the world and one of the oldest museums in India. The famous and famous Bengali sweets of the K Group, coupled with the unique lifestyle of its inhabitants, make this place a place where you can learn about the art and culture of Bengal.

The Indian Museum in Calcutta was founded in 1814 and is the largest and oldest museum in India. This is one of the best places to get an insight into the history of Bengal and its people, as well as its rich cultural heritage. The royal history of K Bengalata will certainly fascinate you and here are some places you should visit to learn about it. One of them is a place of great interest to those interested in history, history and culture of Calcutta, and it is a good place to visit.

Before exploring all the major attractions in Calcutta, you should know when to visit this beautiful city. October to March is the most popular month for visiting K Bengalata, as the weather is cool and pleasant, making sightseeing even more enjoyable.

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